Terms and Conditions


P2P Lender: An Individual who is lending their items privately using Be Right Back as a platform solely for advertising and hosting purposes, the contract is bound between the P2P lender and renter and the time of purchase.

Renter: Is a customer who rents directly through Be Right Back or P2P Lender platform in which they must make themselves familiar with whom they are renting from before purchasing.


Please identify if you are renting through Be Right Back directly or a P2P Lender as terms and conditions change. All items are managed through Be Right Back unless stated otherwise as a P2P lender on the product details.

If you are renting through a P2P Lender you consent to providing the lender with your name address and phone number for the purposes of delivery and order fulfilment.



Be Right Back trading as Be Right Back IRL is an online fashion rental service based in Ireland, offering accessible and affordable luxury pieces from premium designers.
In this section, you will find the Terms & Conditions between renters and Be Right Back. Outlined below are the specific terms and conditions of our Terms of Service/service agreement with customers. These terms apply to online rentals and sales of products. By registering/signing up and/or purchasing services, you acknowledge that you have read, and understood all of these Terms & Conditions.


Cancellations made more than 10 days in advance of your rental date are fully refundable. Cancellations made within 10 days of your rental date are not refundable however we can offer you full credit to the value of the initial rental item, redeemable on another order with Be Right Back.


In the unlikely event of your item arriving damaged due to negligence during the delivery process, you must contact us immediately and let us know within 24 hours of this being brought to your attention.


In the event that you're unavailable to receive your parcel at the time of delivery, the package will be sent back to our delivery partners warehouse, a second attempt to deliver the parcel will be made the day after. If the delivery is delayed due to your unavailability to accept and sign for the parcel at first attempt and this effects your event, the price paid, and dates booked cannot be amended, your booking price and dates remain the same and you are required to honour your return date as normal.


Customers are responsible for ensuring items are scheduled and returned on time. Failure to return an item on time will result in late fees. You will incur a charge of €20 per day late fee, which will be charged to the payment card or other payment methods provided to us and stored in your customer account, and you agree to pay such late fees, up to an amount not to exceed 100% of the retail value of the item.


In the event of an item being lost, stolen or not returned to Be Right Back we reserve the right to enforce our Late Fee policy as specified in the late fees section above. The renter is liable to pay the full market value of the item to Be Right Back under the following circumstances;
• The item becomes damaged beyond repair
• The item becomes lost or stolen
• Failure to return the item for any reason


Our rental service works on a trusting basis. We ask that all of our customers treat our items with the upmost care and respect to avoid damages at all times. However, we are completely understanding of the fact that accidents happen, which is why we look after all minor repairable damage i.e: removable stains, broken zip, simple stitch, loose buttons/sequins etc. If the item is damaged beyond repair, lost or stolen the customer is liable to pay the current market value price of the item. We kindly ask customers comply with our garment care policy and not to attempt to wash or clean (including dry clean) any products themselves.


Purchasing of services and products from Be Right Back is based on our discretion. We reserve the right to place limits on rentals and the number of products purchased by one person.


You will be required to provide a valid credit card at point of booking, that you are authorized to use. Signing up to use our service, you authorize Be Right Back to charge your card accordingly in line with your booking and in line with our polices. These charges may include late fees, irreparable damage fees, loss and theft of item fees. In the event of fees not being paid, Be Right Back reserve the right to take the necessary steps to recover the losses. This can include collection agencies and in some circumstances legal action.


Be Right Back works with third party delivery partners and will not be held responsible for delayed or late deliveries.


Be Right Back may revise these terms of use for its website at any time without notice. By using this website you are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Terms and Conditions of Use.


By registering or signing up to our email list you agree to receive promotional messages from Be Right Back regarding special offers, and various marketing campaigns. If you would no longer like to receive such communication you can unsubscribe. We will never disclose any personal information about our customers to third parties. Please refer to our privacy policy for further information.


P2P LENDER       

P2P Lenders are members of the public who are lending their dresses through the Be Right Back Platform in return for compensation.


  • Ensuring timely delivery of rented items as agreed with the Renter.
  • Providing accurate descriptions of items, including any defects, restrictions, or safety instructions.
  • Ensuring listed items match descriptions and pictures, are safe for use, and legally available for rent


Item Images: Users are requested to provide images showcasing the items they wish to rent, avoiding any infringement of intellectual property or privacy rights. Be Right Back  will upload these images as submitted, with no liability on their part.

Proof of Condition: Prior to listing items, P2P Lenders must capture photos no more than 24 hours before posting, displaying any existing damages and the overall condition of the item. Failure to provide these photos may hinder assistance in resolving disputes regarding damage during a rental.

Repeat Cancellations: In instances where P2P Lenders cancel within 72 hours of the rental start date, Be Right Back  reserves the right to publish a review indicating the cancellation. Additionally, the platform may "pause" inactive or consistently declined rentals.


Be Right Back  will provide a guideline price based on similar items they have listed in which the P2P Lenders, they can accept, decline or counteroffer what you believe the price should be.


Full Payment will be deposited to Be Right Back in which they will retain 30% for their platform as an intermediary.


The split is 70% to P2P Lender and 30% to Be Right Back. Our 30% covers the following:

- Website listing & fees 

- Instagram advertising 

e.g. If an item is listed for €100 including shipping the split is €70 to P2P Lender and €30 to Be Right Back to cover overheads which allow us to provide this platform for you to lend your items.

Payment to P2P Lender is processed at the end of each month once the renter has received their item and Be Right Back receive confirmation. You will receive a statement by e-mail with confirmation and breakdown of payment. 

Be Right Back will contact P2P Lender via email as soon as an order for their item has been placed. The onus is on the P2P Lender to keep a record of the dates.


Be Right Back will provide the P2P Lender with name, rental dates, duration, and address of renter. By Purchasing via a P2P Lender, you agree to provide name, contact number and address for delivery purposes only.


As a P2P Lender you are required to provide Name, address and contact number to fulfil an order. By signing up to our P2P Lenders platform you are agreeing to provide such information to those renting your items.



  • Be Right Back advises both P2P Lenders and Renters to use tracked and insured postage for all items.
  • The sender is responsible for any loss or damage during postage.
  • Be Right Back is not accountable for such incidents.


  • Every item should have a tracking number.
  • If tracking is unavailable, Be Right Back may not be able to assist in dispute resolution.
  • Once tracking is provided, the recipient must be available for delivery on the expected date.
  • Without tracking information, Be Right Back may assume the item was not sent, potentially resulting in penalties.

Be Right Back recommend that you post the item well in advance of rental date to ensure the item arrives on time. Be Right Back will provide the renter with your contact details in which you will need to share a returns address.


P2P Lenders are responsible for dry cleaning and postage which is built in to the 70% that the P2P Lenders receive.


Due to high demand, Be Right Back are unable to accept all items proposed to us. If your item was declined here are some reasons as to why:

  • Current RRP under €200
  • Condition of item
  • Not pictured correctly
  • Not enough information provided on form
  • Similar item already on the website


Removal of a listing is permissible up to 48 hours notice once all orders have been fulfilled. Cancellation notice is 10 days within this period may result in a 30% cancellation fee at the discretion of Be Right Back.


Be Right Back holds no liability for lost or damaged items. In such cases, the P2P Lender may seek compensation from the Renter for item replacement or repair.

The P2P Lender reserves the right to charge a fee for damages, including repair costs, additional cleaning, or item replacement. Renters must promptly inform the P2P Lender of any damages during the rental period. Similarly, the P2P Lender should notify the Renter of any damages within 24 hours of item return.

Be Right Back discourages frequent rentals of delicate materials like silk or beaded items due to their susceptibility to wear and tear. Renters are not accountable for general wear and tear, which includes removable stains, minor snags, a few missing beads, stuck zippers, or other minor damages.

Be Right Back 's customer support can assist in distinguishing between fair wear and tear and actual damage.


Be Right Back  encourage users to resolve disputes directly.


It's essential to provide sufficient evidence of any loss or damage resulting from Platform use for dispute resolution.


All disputes must be raised within 7 days of the rental end date. Disputes raised after 7 days will not be considered.


It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • you possess the legal right to use any item borrowed through the Platform.
  • you adhere to all relevant laws while using the item.
  • you follow any reasonable safety instructions provided by the P2P Lender for item usage; and
  • you return the item in its original condition as received from the P2P Lender.


You should agree with the P2P Lender on the method of item return. However, it is essential to return rented items by the agreed-upon date unless otherwise permitted by the P2P Lender.


In the event of missing a return deadline, you must promptly notify the P2P Lender and extend the rental period, paying for the extension unless otherwise agreed. Failure to extend may result in late fees. P2P Lenders can invoice you directly for late fees, calculated as the daily rental fee. Be Right Back  can charge your payment method for incurred legal expenses if items are not returned promptly. The cumulative late fees will not exceed the item's replacement value, determined at Be Right Back 's discretion.


Theft of any item is strictly prohibited. Any theft or attempted theft may lead to legal action by the P2P Lender and/or Be Right Back